The EuroGeoSource system will implement content-specific and user-oriented GIS map services on the Internet , based on an inventory and analysis of geo-energy and mineral resource data sets existent in the project countries, together with the user needs regarding these data.


The following elements characterize the EuroGeoSource portal:

- Multilingual interface of the map viewer (English plus the languages of the project countries)

- Possibility of displaying the data on various backgrounds, using the already implemented map services developed in previous eContent Plus Program projects (eEarth, eWater, Geomind, EuroGeoNames, OneGeologyEurope)

- Harmonization of geo-energy and mineral resource data coming from various countries based on key economic and geological parameters

- Multilingual legend of the data sets using geological dictionaries built especially for the project.


The portal will be based on open-source software and standards and will include also an ISO-compliant metadata catalogue. Thus, other organizations could use it for the registration and publication of their data sets, or for deploying it in their own web server applications.