WP9 – Testing and documentation

This work package aims:

-       To provide robust and effective system testing in several countries (user interface, functionality, performance, as well as the results that are presented), once the demonstration prototype has reached a stable form

-        To provide input into any final web site design considerations (if applicable)

-        To create user documentation including a quick-start tutorial


The first step is to design a testing plan that forms a consensus amongst the study team members. This testing plan will include a logical and structured environment to review all application elements (i.e. design, presentation, user interface and interaction), as well as the functional aspects from the perspective of usability, navigability and results. The key components of this testing program include:

-        Standardised procedures and support material

-        Professional team of testing personnel

-        Timely execution of the testing process

-        Provision of a test report with recommendations to the project team


A systematic and integrated approach to testing the EuroGeoSource web site will be implemented. Initially a thorough understanding of what the testing is supposed to accomplish will be determined with the other project stakeholders. The team will capture precise knowledge of what should be tested and establish a measure of how much testing is necessary. Then it will provide documentation of system performance and ease-of-use indicators, with the general public needs firmly in mind and focusing on site functionality, compatibility, usability, and navigation. Once the site has been reviewed and any modifications in the final web site design have been made, the user documentation will be created.


This WP will produce two deliverables:

-        An internal EuroGeoSource system test report

-        A publicly available user documentation in electronic form


WP leader: PGI