WP8 – System development and implementation

The main objective of this work package is to develop an Internet policy support system, which can be used to analyse and help to develop policies for the sustainable supply of Europe with energy and mineral resources. The international and national policy makers (EC and national governments), as well as private oil and mining companies, will be able to access this system through a web portal. The applied and theoretical researchers will also significantly benefit from it, because the system will allow them to access through a common gate indispensable sources of data which are now are available exclusively in-house, in different formats, with different data models and in different countries. The distributed, web services-based, architecture of the system will allow the different data owners to regularly update their data, and maintain their services, independently from the other participants. The web portal will include a rich Internet application to provide a graphical and intuitive interface to these services.


The web GIS-based system will make it possible to visualize and deliver spatial information regarding the hydrocarbon and mineral resources in the participating EU countries as well as data about depleted and prospect reservoirs and the transportation network (‘midstream’). These detailed data can be used for modeling production, transportation, accumulation, source renewing and delivery to end-users scenarios, both on long and short term periods.


The system will provide the companies and authorities across EU and non-EU countries with reliable tools for on-line visualization and access to maps and alphanumeric attributes of oil/gas fields and mineral deposits taken from the spatial data sets offered by the partners of the project. The system will also contain advanced tools for data presentation, visualization, analysis and reporting and, moreover, it will allow an easy and regular reporting of the key economic information as reports and maps.


The system will be based on international standards (from ISO and the OGC), and on the INSPIRE architecture, facilitating this way its compliancy with forthcoming EU regulations. It will also be distributed as a set of open source components, so others can benefit from the software developments this project will produce.


The deliverable will be the prototype of the pilot EuroGeoSource system.


WP leader: UNIZAR