WP7 – Multi-lingual translation services

The objectives of this WP consist in:

-        Providing the technology to translate the user interfaces of the EuroGeoSource system

-        Developing web services for serving multilingual legends for the maps published as WMS (OGC standard for publishing maps on the Internet)

-        Building the multi-language vocabulary to serve the applications, honouring the specific needs of partner languages


The main task is to develop and integrate the multilingual digital dictionary functionality for multilingual interfaces of the EuroGeoSource system and legends of the web mapping services. This component will allow translations of user interfaces on-the-fly as well as legends of the maps served by the system.

The demonstration version will include English and the official languages of the country hosting the dataset disseminated via the EuroGeoSource portal. The translation service will allow translating:

-        The user interface texts

-        The maps legends

-        Geo-energy and mineral reserves standardised characteristics

The WP shall include the following tasks:

-        Prepare a framework for generic translation web services

-        Develop the necessary web services, keeping in mind that more languages can be added in the future

-        Draft a manual and demonstration site for the project, so that all partners and, progressively, public users will be able to use the multi-lingual terminology


The deliverables is a prototype of multilingual translation web services to provide the translation functions for the EuroGeoSource web system.


WP leader: GEUS