WP6 – Development of the concept and technical design of the web GIS EuroGeoSource portal

This work package aims to design the system with the technical capabilities that will allow:

-        system implementation according to the user requirements defined within WP2 and other foregoing work packages

-        to build a trial prototype integrating the defined user interfaces into one system

The proposed web system can be used by EU and national authorities, exploitation companies etc. as a decision support tool for their subsurface use policy and/or investment planning. Since this is a conceptualisation work package, significant amount of time will be dedicated to the communication between end users and researchers to define the concepts in all detail.


The WP will develop system design and concept for implementation of the technical system architecture. In this stage the system multilingualism and integration with multilingual thesaurus should be specified (connection with WP7). During this WP the system specification will be prepared, discussed and approved by partners, including the members of the Advisory Board. Additionally to the system specification, the WP will develop a design of the user interfaces and the model of their interaction. The user interfaces will be integrated in a trial prototype that will demonstrate the general concept of a final EuroGeoSource information system. The developed prototype will serve as a “show case” for further discussion and implementation of the final system.


The work includes the following activities:

-        Evaluate the user requirements produced in WP2 and to define the necessary functionality that meets these user requirements

-        Translate user requirements in a number of use cases and use scenarios

-        Design a conceptual architecture that takes into account the OGC and INSPIRE recommendations regarding internet spatial data services

-        Draft the technical specifications of the system, which includes GIS module; advanced tools for data visualisation, accessing spatial data attributes; spatial data overlaying; support of multi-lingual user interfaces and map legends (e.g. for WMS); the web services required at data provider sites

-        Develop the web service architecture within the application scheme

-        Optimize serving large dataset through the internet

-        Develop a prototype that allows the project software engineers to proof the concept of the architecture and demonstrate the identified use cases and scenarios

-        Evaluate the trial prototype in terms of concept and user requirements


The deliverables consist of two reports:

-        The draft architectural design of the EuroGeoSource system

-        The conceptual architecture and detailed specifications of the EuroGeoSource system


WP leader: GEODAN