WP5 – Interoperable geo-resources spatial data web services

The main objective of this WP is to create the interoperable spatial data content of the project by:

-        Setting the list of prioritised datasets that are most relevant for the identified user groups and which will be disseminated via the EuroGeoSource system

-        Displaying the most important spatial objects attributes (e.g. data of location, administrative, economic geologic etc. data) and their status of availability and accessibility through OGC web services

-        Producing OGS-compliant web services for the selected spatial datasets

-        Integrating the relevant datasets, already published elsewhere (e.g. within the framework of previous eContent Plus projects, such as eEarth, eWater, GeoMind, OneGeology Europe, etc.)


The spatial data holders will publish their datasets using OGC compliant web services. Many of the participants will use the spatial infrastructure created within the framework of previous eContent Plus programme projects, namely eEarth, GeoMind, eWater and OneGeology Europe. This will allow significant economy on the cost of a new infrastructure. The partners who did not participate in these eContent projects will use the methodology developed for these projects for creating OGC-compliant services for geological information. In total it is expected that more than 100 new datasets will be published, although the relevant datasets, already published within the above-mentioned eContent Plus projects, may also be shown via the EuroGeoSource GIS system. These datasets will play a role of geological background for the thematic geo-energy and mineral resource datasets that are planned to be published on the web specifically for the EuroGeoSource project, while the EuroGeoSource datasets will be more extensive and focused on the project needs.


The deliverable is a prototype of a complete set of OGC-compliant services for accessing digital spatial information.


WP leader: TNO