WP4 – Interoperability of the geo-resources attributes and the data exchange format

The objective of this work package is to agree on or create a format for delivery of the key economic attributes for geo-energy (oil, gas, coal, uranium) and mineral resources fields, that should be usable everywhere in Europe. The main criterion of attributes selection is the value to the customers. The developed format could be recommended to the corresponding working groups for considering it in the INSPIRE specification.


In order to achieve this objective, the following tasks have to be completed:

-        Identify the attributes that have maximum economic value for the users

-        Compare the national classifications of reserves with the international ones (e.g. CRIRSCO UNFC mapping scheme - Combined Reserves International Reporting Standards Committee of the United Nations Framework Classification for Energy and Mineral Resources) and compare the national definitions of the most important parameters

-        Define the common set of attributes for geo-resource objects of the same type delivered from different sources/countries

-        Agree on the data exchange format for oil/gas and mineral deposits key economic and geological parameters, considering the INSPIRE recommendations and the existing operational geo-data exchange formats, already used in the geological domain (e.g. GeoSciML, EarthResourceML)

-        Develop schemes for data presentation and visualisation which are acceptable for commercial partners and end-users


The WP has two phases:

-        production of the first version of the format

-        further revision of the format during technical design and prototyping


It will deliver:

-        a set of interoperable key attributes for the spatial objects

-        a data exchange format for spatial object attributes


WP leader: GEOZS