WP2 – Requirements for geo-energy and mineral resources data delivery at EU and national users’ levels

The main goal of this WP is to identify the future users of the portal and their needs regarding geo-resources. It is particularly important to identify the main topics of interest (e.g. energetic or non-energetic mineral resources) and in what context they use or would use this data. This information is crucial in order to design the web portal that is most closely aligned with the user’s needs and expectations.

The potential users were approached using a web questionnaire which has been sent to all potential users in the participating counties. Particular attention was also given to European institutes which are expected to become important users of the portal. The results of the questionnaire will be discussed in the report which will be available in the beginning of 2011 and be distributed among the participants to the questionnaire. These results will be directly relevant for selecting the main database parameters, as well as for the content and the functionality of the portal.


The deliverables is a public report “User requirements specification for the EuroGeoSource system”


WP leader: GSB-RBINS