WP11 – Awareness, dissemination and exploitation

The key activity in this work package is the dissemination of information about the EuroGeoSource project, especially the web service that will be developed in this project. The architecture of the EuroGeoSource system would allow new partners (countries) to begin disseminating their spatial data. Thus via dissemination activities the other geo-energy and mining companies and governmental agencies would be encouraged to take advantage of the EuroGeoSource portal for dissemination of their geo-resources data.


WP 11 involves a deliberate dissemination strategy in which a plan is first established. The plan, which will be developed with the assistance of the project participants in the various member countries, will involve a standard analysis of the organisations to target, promotional vehicles to engage and participate in (i.e. mailings, articles and presentations on major congresses, etc.) with the specific objective of exposing potential major customers about this service.

Special effort will be laid on a strategy to address EU and governmental users, commercial subsurface users, environmental agencies, software companies, developing added-value services based on the geo-data, etc. An important task of the project is to reaching stakeholders and creating awareness of the products and services, developed in the project as well as disseminating results to beneficiaries of the project. For this purpose, WP11 will set up a continuous and thus sustainable information policy, to promote EuroGeoSource as an outstanding project, which will act as a nucleus for further projects dealing with similar aspects. The dissemination of the project results will be done by means of the project web site, distributing newsletters and presentations at the relevant congresses, educational workshops, etc. In addition, a number of dissemination activities will be carried out that especially fit the dissemination policy of the EC concerning ICT PSP program.

Finally an exploitation plan will be prepared to ensure the economic and organizational long term sustainability of the developed system services.



-        The project website

-        Internal report on project dissemination strategy

-        Public report on exploitation and executed dissemination plan


WP leader: IGR