WP10 – International collaborative framework for security of geo-resources supply

The main objective of this wok package is to build a collaboration framework between the major players in the energy and mineral resources sectors of the EU economy, including the corresponding directorates of EC, national ministries, the key market players, such as production and transportation companies, including from outside EU. The framework will contribute to common understanding of the global goals and challenges in security of geo-energy and minerals supply in the conditions of the liberalized market and political instability.


In order to benefit from the relevant EU projects the work package will also identify, contact and exchange information with closed and on-going projects with similar objectives (e.g. the Energy Security Supply project, recently commissioned to the JRC Energy Institute by EC, OneGeology Europe, PROMINE, GEOFAR, GeoSeas, etc.).


The work package will assemble a stakeholder panel representing European, national and local government; geo-energy and mineral resources market players; environmental protection; geo-energy and mineral exploration and extraction; civil protection; natural disasters management; education and research. Three workshops will be organized at which external stakeholders (users) and providers will discuss the following topics:

-        Data and service needs and proposed solutions to these. The main goals of this workshop would be: prioritization of the data and service types based on stakeholder demand; audit of the best practice in geo-energy and mineral resources data and service delivery across Europe in meeting that demand; review and selection (involving stakeholders) of best practice in existing access (including viewing and downloading)

-        Security of energy supply - political and economic aspects. The workshop would discuss the geopolitical and economic component of energy security, in particular with respect to foreign relations (e.g. Russia, Ukraine, Middle East etc.); socio-economic impact of market competition and regulation on security of supply. The representatives of major geo-energy suppliers from and outside EU will be invited to the workshop.

-        Application of web GIS technologies for sustainable supply of Europe with energy and mineral resources. This workshop at the end of the project will be aimed at discussion of demand-supply issues and their modeling (e.g. oil and gas); data needed for scenarios of modeling production-transportation-accumulation-renewing the sources against delivery to end-users, both on long and short term periods; quantitative risk assessment; applying geographical information to analyze geo-energy security.



-        Workshop 1 Data and service needs and proposed solutions (year 1)

-        Workshop 2 Security of energy supply - political and economic aspects (year 2)

-        Workshop 3 Application of web GIS technologies for sustainable supply of Europe with energy and mineral resources (year 3)


WP leader: LNEG