WP1 – Project management

This work package refers to the general project supervision and progress control and consists of:

- Co-ordination of the project activities and work packages, including risk management

  • Specific progress control regarding milestones and deliverables
  • Assessment and evaluation of work packages, executed by the different partners
  • Development of proactive measures against potential threads and bottlenecks, etc.

- Financial and administrative co-ordination

  • Distribution of project funds to the partners in accordance with the EU guidelines
  • Compiling project progress reports based on the work package reports prepared by the WP leaders

- Maintaining good communication between the partners and the EU Commission

- Organizing project meetings and ensuring that agendas and minutes reflect the needs and decisions of the consortium

- Encouraging dissemination of project results


The deliverables are 5 periodic reports, made every six months and the final project report.


WP leader: TNO