Add your data


This section is intended for adding your data to the EuroGeoSource portal.

Vital documents have been provided to ensure that the data can be successfully added.


The toolstack and implementation of a download service are described in EGS Cookbook services v2.1.

The guidelines for creating and adding metadata are described in EGS Cookbook of Metadata v1.0.


The following files are required for the implementation:


The EGS relational datamodel is described in the following files:


The design of the EGS UML and database model is documented in the following Enterprise Architect projects:

Images of those diagrams can be found in Images of Enterprise Architect diagrams 2.0.3 (zip file)


The following cookbook and spreadsheet files are used for implementing multilinguality:


The next document describes how the 'interoperable spatial data content of the project' is implemented.